• Dream Building

    Find personal alignment

    and realize meaningful


  • Concept

    Don't dream your life, live your dreams!

    You need focus and tools to realize your projects?

    You want to (re)connect with your dreams and bring them in your daily life?


    The Dream Building workshops will bring you the methodology, the tools and the power of a team to learn how to make any project happen!


  • Workshops

    Two complementary workshops

    Exploration (dream)

    deploy your talents

    Explore your personal driving forces and discover how you can best deploy them to get more focus and alignment in everything you do!


    During the workshop you will discover the hidden talents that others perceive in you, what really makes you "move" in life and the key touchstones that will make you move further in the direction of your dreams.


    At the end of this exploratory day, you will have outlined one or several projects that will help you materialize your dreams while fully unleashing your unique talents!

    Realization (build)

    implement a meaningful project

    Discover powerful tools to break down any project into a series of simple and feasible actions, learn how to organize your time effectively and bypass every obstacle.


    During the workshop you will start putting these tools in practice and you will enjoy the power of collective intelligence to help you move forward with your project.


    At the end of this realization day, you will have a set of daily tools as well as a clear roadmap with concrete and simple actions to lead you towards your goal every step of the way!

  • Atelier Dream Building - Réalisation

    Summer break...

    Dream Building is in summer break and preparing a completely new workshop formula for the coming year.


    More infos coming soon!


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  • Practical information

    Workshops schedule and fees

    Schedule & Location

    All workshops start at 10:00 and end at 17:00, with 1-hour lunch break (meals not included).

    The workshops are given in the heart of Brussels close to Metro Ste Catherine:


    Micro Marché (locaux de MakeSense)

    Quai à la Houille, 9

    1000 Bruxelle

    Groups & material

    Groups consist of minimum 4 participants and up to 12 participants for the group dynamic to exist.


    All the material required for the activities of the workshops are included. There is no requirement to participate, except for the Realization workshops where you need to have identified a project

    Conscious participation

    We ask for a fixed participation fee of 45€ per workshop upon registration.


    A free and conscious participation can be added after the workshop to valorize its value according to everyone's means.




  • Testimonials

    Some examples of projects realized thanks to Dream Building


    Her project : 6 months trip in South-East Asia (realized)

    "I learnt very good tools, but the commitment to the team and the benevolence of everyone really helped to put them in practice efficiently. The workshops helped me to take the right direction and I managed to achieve my objective!"


    His project : Writing his first novel  (ongoing)

    "I really like the group dynamics and the brainstorming of ideas to move forward. I liked brainstorming for the others, it also helped me in my personal journey and I found creativity again. The feeling of belonging and solidarity was essential for me!'"

  • Project

    After initiating my personal shift, I wanted to share the methodologies and tools that helped me gain clarity, focus and confidence to move towards my dreams by deploying my talents and building on my driving forces.

    Lucie Barthlen Dream Building

    Lucie Barthlen


    After graduating from a French Business school and studying in Canada, I developed the strategy of a movie studio for 4 years before turning towards social entrepreneurship (MakeSense) and people empowerment (Dream Building). This shift was the result of a personal quest towards more alignment and sense in everything I do!

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